Latin Dance Classes Lessons

{February 28, 2009}   Comming soon back to Ithaca, New York


Latin Dance Classes Ithaca WebSite. is now being remastered and will contain an update on Mr. Roger M. Christina teaching Latin Dance Classes in Ithaca once more. This will be the more American Ballroom Traditional form of Latin Social Dance.


Latina Danza De Arte:  This is a class which was attempted to be taught at the Chanticleer ‘ UpStaris ‘, but due to its sensual nature it was too much for Ithaca to handel.

The focus is the very, very native aspects of Latina Danza as it was danced first in the small towns and villiages, which then emerged in two different directions as a result of Cuban society undergoing urbanization.

One:  Mambo [ 2s ] which was more acceptable by the Euro-Hispanic population of Cubans:

Two: Son Montuno [ 1s ] which was more acceptable by both the Afro-Cuban and adjacent Islander populations of the Carribean basin of nations.

Others: Son de Cuba, Merengue, and Gaunguanacha.

None the less the accent will be focused on its sensual origins which is how both dance forms emerged and why they became the mainstay in Cuban sociocultural interactions through the emerging social dances of small communities which saw their direct influence emerging during the period of Cuban urbanizations.  Thus there will be a 4 hour orientation class which full explanations are given as to dance program charts, personal release forms – in as much as the couple dynamics are both set to each body lines and sensual reactions, and further detail focus on the three available course extensions which are then offered.  Two [ one including the high sensual charged ~Lambada ~ ] of which are age restricted and One of which is much more toned down coruse for all ages.

See ya….

I am always searching for brand-new informations in the internet about this issue. Thanx!!

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