Latin Dance Classes Lessons

In this week’s salsa album pick, we review the outstanding new release from pianist Marlow Rosado Y La Riqueña with several guests, Salsanimal

Latina Danza de Arte ” The Latin Dance Arts ” have several unique traditions which makes it deferent from what both European and North American social dance functions in both the role of partnerships and performance ethnologies.  None the less, and within the historic context, the evolution of partnership roles are more stunning in their social practice.

The male must at all time stand within the social expectation of standing tall and proud, macho.  This means being reserve, gentlemen, and a standard bearer of what his family values are, and are likewise protected by the full force of his strengths. This the cornerstone of how they self – represents their traditions of family in their social contract within the overall Latin communities in which they are a member.

This is extremely reflected in their — males — hold formal proud posture in Latin dance socials, and where they are able to communicate their likewise formal masculine reserve while triggering within the females interests in their macho personage.  Thus the actions of  his hips denotes additional strengths and at the same time a proud very religious — Catholic inspired — reserve as they are social forbidden to articulate verbally,  they are sexual by  intent.  In accordance and noted by his emphasis of what he wears, and the manners he exhibits, the dance movement he socially demonstrates is a formal and deeply personal offering to each female to fully explore her full enjoyment of dancing; and being in his presence partnering  according an additional invitation for her stylistic self – promoting creativity along with strong connections to her unspoken sexuality.  His social success among his male peers in social dance is depended on how he must be able to allow each female partner to enjoy herself and the level of creative high she is able to obtain in his presence facilitated by his reserve partnership role.  Those who attempt to out – shine his female partner of each dance is immediately shunned by the social dance’s male peers, and silently laugh at by the female peers as well.

The role function of roles for females in traditional Latin social dance is to exhibit fully the power of life.  That she is the life giver and that her dance demonstration represents the full power of the festival enjoyment of life.  This is the cornerstone and foundation of each marriage to which her  role as life giver is its sole base.

Note: Women’s Liberation took a more dynamic cultural hold within Latin American societies, who at the time were political controlled countries; thus their cultural liberation took place about 150 years before the feminist American cultural liberation of the 1970s.  In each nation where they status of controls became democratic female liberation became immediately focused; thus Eva Peron became possible.  This reflected their International feminist leadership roles far and beyond the similar efforts by American feminist, and the power they Internationally demonstrated was singularly cultural invested by their unique cognition of being the giver of life.

Thus has she enters the presence of each male partner she is first meek in her acceptance to dance, but as she initial explores his strengths and calm she flares outs in total rhythm concordance with the music.  In most traditional social dance setting, the male is able to promote her initial dance movement to allow her to be more creative.  The partnership takes hold. and with out a word spoken a covenant is instantaneous as she progressive becomes more creative in her dance movement creating the magical contrast between the reserve dignified males and the full of life females. She is never held back in her desire to enjoy each moment of the temporal partnering as her male partner feels the power of her importance of being the life givers as she gives life to their dance, and he the power of being protector of that life.

There have been many stories of how each Latin couple initial met and how each knew they found the right spouse as most it started in just one dance they shared in partnership.

Mr. Roger M. Christian

Latina Danza de Arte Master, Ithaca and World Community

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